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We use ManyChat as our go to Bot fulfilment.
There are others out there, but none like ManyChat.

What's a chatbot & why should I have one?

A chatbot is a computer program or a artificial intelligence (AI) which conducts a conversation via auditory or textual methods.
Chat bots allows a form of communication interaction between you , and a machine via a message. Amazon’s Alexa is an example of a voice chat bot.
Chat bots offer 24/7 interaction with potential clients. It can answer numerous questions a client may have without hiring a person to do the job. It’s also a lot less expensive, and it’s never late for work.


We have a meeting to discuss what exactly your companies goals are, and what type of interaction would best serve your clients


Once we find out what your end goals are we get to work developing a custom chat bot for your business. You will be amazed at the end product.


When you market your business or your product the chat bot will be waiting for any questions the client may have.

Social media

Social media is awesome, and the chat bot can steer a client to any social media platform you have especially if your having a sale or announcement.


Chat bot are indispensable with eCommerce stores. They can answer questions so it doesn't tie up your employees.

Help & Support

Chat bots are on the job especially if your business is closed. We can set your bot up to answer a series of questions, and will take clients info.

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You can't believe how many extra clients I signed up using chatbots.
I wonder how many I missed before I hired Chatbots R Us?
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